Company History

1921, Hercogovina, Yugoslavia, a baby boy was born named Wlajko Mihic. At the age of 18 the restless boy broke away from the security of home leaving his family, never to return again. The same year 1939 The Second World War broke out and Wlajko was deported to a labour camp in Finland. After a few years he managed 1945 to escape to Sweden. In 1948 the Yugoslav refugee opened a little basement repair shop in the town of Gävle, which at first step, aimed at repair, supply and distribution of accessories and spare parts to the mechanical engineering industry.

The manufacturing part of the company was finally the dominating feature, distribution was closed down and the company took the name GÄVLE TOOL FACTORY. Operations were now concentrated entirely on the manufacture of tools of high-speed steel or cemented carbide, in the latter case brazed tools. With representatives from the Swedish engineering industry such as VOLVO, SAAB, ALFA LAVAL and others, collaboration was established for specially adapted tools. Because of this relationship the GÄVLE TOOL FACTORY became Europe’s first manufacturer of carbide tools based on the indexable insert technology. At the beginning of the 60s, the company’s products began to be exported, and the name was changed to MIRCONA.

Based on know-how and experience as a manufacturer of special tools, a great many standard tools were developed in the 60s and 70s and the company’s operations and policy markedly changed, to a supplier of a comprehensive standard range of turning and milling tools of carbide. At the beginning of the 80s, MIRCONA is a modern, rapidly growing tool manufacturer, with 90 % of its product line based on standard products.